Project of architectural lighting – Ola

A home of the Ola Foundation established by Uldis and Ilze Pīlēni was born among the century-old oak trees and historical wooden architecture of Ķīpsala. Institute of Integral Education, Ola is a three-story concrete and glass building that fits the landscape and represents the quintessential ideas of its architect Uldis Pīlēns.

The Foundation invites to explore oneself and the world around via art, music, discussions, and other events. Every element of the building, including light, has its functional and symbolic significance.

KRASSKY participated in the construction of Ola with an ambitious architectural lighting project, providing unparalleled lighting solutions for the art gallery, buildings’ facade and trees around. These solutions inspire visitors to strive for knowledge and excellence, to unveil the artist within.

After meticulous 3D light planning, Eclipse lamps by Erco with adjustable light temperature and brightness were chosen to highlight the artworks. Their lens optics focally illuminates the painting itself and precisely frames it into the light. Such a solution contributes to the multi-functionality of the space and allows to create different light scenarios for a wide spectrum of visitors’ emotions.

Buildings’ facade is surrounded by six-meter tall freestanding milk glass plates. After various tests that were mostly only carried out in the dark, an even, discreet and soft lighting was chosen for the exterior, with precise observance of angles and light temperature. Illumination focuses only on the glass elements and does not shine into the office area.

Ola – fund of Uldis and Ilze Pīlēns Ola Foundation.
Architect: Uldis Pīlēns
Year: 2022
Location: Riga, Latvia
Area: 904.7 m2

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