Amber Beverage Group office

KRASSKY's priorities are a future-oriented human-centric office with work places, designed in close attention to the smallest detail. Inspired by Kinnarps, Europe's largest manufacturer of office furniture, we have developed a guideline of ergonomic office furnishings, becoming a pioneer in implementing the design concept of total office solution. We are eagerly passing our knowledge to designers, architects, company owners and advanced business managers.

Global producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages Amber Beverage Group (ABG), has moved to a new office on the 5th floor of one of the tallest building complexes in the Baltics, Z-Towers. The design of the office followed exactly these principles of innovative and ergonomic interior presented by KRASSKY. "When designing the new space, it was important for us to involve our employees in the development of the office concept, with the main priorities being an ergonomic, comfortable and aesthetic work environment, as well as suitable lighting, acoustics and ventilation," says Jekaterina Stuģe, CEO of ABG.

The elegant and functional interior, created by designers from Distudija, was equipped with furniture, blinds, acoustic curtains and bathroom tiles from KRASSKY represented manufacturers. The design concept was inspired by the nature of the Northern region: the office's color palette includes elements such as Icelandic moss, oak bark, and Baltic gemstones – amber. The selection of products and manufacturers in the furniture selection was segmented and well thought out, combining both professional office furniture brands (Kinnarps, Wilkhahn, JMM) and well-known ones from a private segment. Thus, the lobby area stands out with Minotti – a pioneer of Italian quality furniture.

The specifics of the office space are dictated by the architecture of the building. The lobby area, several open-office workplaces, three meeting rooms and management offices are set up on the perimeter of the circular building, along the panoramic windows, to use the most of the natural light. Lounges, café, archives and restrooms are located in the inner perimeter. Individual seating areas are equipped with acoustic chairs, where you employees can sit and have an intimate phone call or think of a new idea without distraction.

Workplaces feature desks with lifting mechanisms and office chairs from Kinnarps that provide the highest level of comfort. The uniqueness of this project brings the introduction of new customized furniture options. In order to be able to use a specific table in a raised, employee-friendly standing position, the individual solution of this product was created together with the manufacturer, as well as the adjusted furniture finishing. Open office areas are separated by glass partitions or acoustic curtains. The spaces have integrated sound-insulating office glass walls and efficient high-quality ventilation system. For more comfortable work, air conditioning and lighting can be adjusted independently in each space.

Design: Distudio

Year: 2021

Location: Z-Towers, 5th floor; Raņķa dambis 30-120, Riga, Latvia

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